Omega. Past and present

In the captivating Swiss landscape, Omega's extraordinary story began in 1848. With unwavering dedication, they crafted timepieces that exuded elegance and innovation. From the ocean depths to the vastness of space, Omega's iconic models became legends in their own right. The Seamaster, a symbol of exploration and underwater prowess, conquered the depths with its impeccable design and reliability. A companion to adventurers and divers alike, it embodied the spirit of the oceans. The Constellation, a testament to grace and sophistication, adorned wrists with its refined aesthetics and precision. With timeless charm, it became a symbol of enduring elegance. The Speedmaster, an icon of unparalleled performance, transcended boundaries and made history as the first watch worn on the moon. It symbolized mankind's relentless pursuit of exploration and pushed the limits of horological achievement. Today, these legendary models continue to captivate watch enthusiasts worldwide, representing the pinnacle of Omega's craftsmanship, innovation, and timeless design. Each model tells a unique tale, forging an indelible connection between Omega, its wearers, and the moments they treasure.

At Metropolis Collection, we cherish the brand's true classics, models from the first hour and still in production today. 

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